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Holstein Canada: First Time EX Cows
February 3, 2020

Check out the top scoring first time Excellent cows scored in January through Holstein Canada. 

Mida-Rich Recharge Rider - EX-94-5YR 95-MS

Parkhurst Atwood Maelie - EX-93-5YR 95-MS

Provetaz Endure Waleria - EX-93-4YR 95-MS

Sicy Goldwyn Armanie - EX-93-4YR 94-MS

Skycrest Goldwyn Doozy - EX-93-5YR 94-MS

Sunnyhome Aftershock Mildred - EX-93-5YR 94-MS

Lookout Olympian Allstar - EX-93-4YR 94-MS

Hamming Goldwyn Bella 949 - EX-93-5YR 93-MS

Oakfield A Shampagne-Red - EX-93-4YR 93-MS

Walnutlawn Solomon Jenna - EX-93-4YR 93-MS

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Holstein USA: First Time EX Cows
February 3, 2020

Nearly 400 new excellent cows were scored during January through Holstein USA. Of those, 7 earned the score of EX-92. 

Top Scoring First Time Excellent Cows:

Harvue Doorman Freya - EX-92 93-MS

Lida-Acres Wood Andrea - EX-92 93-MS

Meitime Chops Tara - EX-92 93-MS

Rosedale PrettyFancy In-Red - EX-92 93-MS

Stunning Beemer Affair - EX-92 93-MS

BBM Kingboy Adela - EX-92 92-MS

Harvue Brokaw Marley - EX-92 92-MS

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Holstein Canada: High Scoring Two-year-olds
February 3, 2020

Several high scoring two-year-olds took the top on the list of January's Top Classifying Cows through Holstein Canada scoring VG-87.

Top Scoring Two-year-olds:

Comestar Lamagic Impression VG-87 88-MS

Jolibois Felicia Armani - VG-87 88-MS

Karona Gold Chip Manille - VG-87 88-MS

Oakfield Goldwyn Destiny - VG-87 88-MS

Provetaz Alligator Walis - VG-87 88-MS

Skycrest Dempsey Potato - VG-87 88-MS

Camphols Jacoby Rockeby VG-87 87-MS

Comestar Laviola Gold Chip VG-87 87-MS

Deslacs Demsey Emka - VG-87 87-MS

Hamming Expander Ever - VG-87 87-MS

Jacrest Hi O Lovoya - VG-87 87-MS

JM Valley Chief Acapella - VG-87 87-MS

OCD Atwood Brash - VG-87 87-MS

Utag Incor Kay - VG-87 87-MS

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Holstein USA: High Scoring Two-year-olds
February 3, 2020

Several new high scoring two-year-olds were classified during January 2020 through Holstein USA. Fifteen cows earned the high score of VG-88, while over 600 cows scored VG-85 or higher. 

High Scoring Two-year-olds:

Calori-D Crs Dback Rrasta - VG-88 91-MS

Apple-Pts Abrianna-Red - VG-88 90-MS

Cranehill Dback Chloe - VG-88 90-MS

Harvue Solomon Diane - VG-88 90-MS

Ronelee Scenario Dharma - VG-88 90-MS

Plum-Line Extra Naughty - VG-88 89-MS

Kara-Kesh-Rk Our Gem-Red - VG-88 90-MS

Ducketharvue Slmn Gaby - VG-88 88-MS

Genosource Dback Lusty - VG-88 88-MS

Lindlaur Mccutch Starburst - VG-88 88-MS

Mell-Wood Doorman 2118-AC - VG-88 88-MS

Show-Mar Minni Penny 1429 - VG-88 88-MS

Skykomish Dmn Revolution - VG-88 88-MS

Ronelee Durham Minnie - VG-88 87-MS

Skykomish Drmn Resurrection - VG-88 87-MS