Click to enlarge - Al-Lew Mgl Astute 1207 EX-91

Granddam Aristocrat NOW EX-91!
March 5, 2018

One of the most exciting bulls in the breed, Mr Frazzled Aristocrat GTPI+2939 NM$>+1000, PTAT+2.67 and the perfect mating for Modesty and Jedi bloodlines! Recently his granddam was classified and she increased her score to EX-91! Interested? Please contact AMS Genetics right away and get informed about the exciting opportunity to use Aristocrat in your genetic program!

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny VG-88-2YR | Her Granite son sold through AMS Genetics

Exciting VG-88-2YR at Kings-Ransom
March 3, 2018

Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny is an exciting VG-88-2YR Delta daughter at Kings-Ransom Farm in Schuylerville, NY. She is backed by an EX-92 Doorman daughter of Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra EX-93! Destiny has several sons in A.I. including an exciting GTPI>+2700 PTAT>+3.20 Granite son that was sold through AMS Genetics to an overseas client. If you have exciting bulls available or interested in adding an exciting North American bull to your program. Don't hesitate and contact AMS Genetics TODAY. 

Click to enlarge - Butlerview Doorman Class EX-91 | Her +4.00 PTA Type Solomon granddaughter SELLS!

Online Heifer Sale Open for Bidding!
February 9, 2018

The Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is OPEN FOR BIDDING... Take a look at the exciting offerings, various flush-age heifers, donor cows are offered and can make you an IMMEDIATE RETURN ON INVESTMENT! Highlights include a GTPI+2800 NM$+925 Verona daughter that is ready to work, a Solomon daughter with +4.00 PTA Type back to Camomile, A Red, Polled Jedi and a EX-90 Alexander daughter of Harvue ROY FROSTY!

CLICK HERE for a direct link to the auction site.

Click to enlarge - Hurtgenlea Richard Charl

Hurtgenlea Richard Charl pictured!
January 16, 2018

Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, the #1 GTPI bull over 1 year old and #2 GTPI Charley son in the breed has been pictured. Charl is an Early DG Charley son that scores GTPI+2958 and NM$+1116! Charl was produced with AMS Genetics Early Release Semen and is now housed at Sexing Technologies! Currently AMS Genetics is offering an unique opportunity to breeders in North America with Mr Frazzled Aristocrat GTPI+2939 NM$+1012 +2.67 PTAT (Frazzled x Monterey), CLICK HERE for more information about Aristocrat!