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February 15, 2021

The Evolution bull, Nacash, started as an embryo sold and shipped through AMS Genetics International LLC. In March of 2016, Sebastien Delaunay was touring farms with Steve Mower, of AMS, to select donors for contract with Evolution Genetics. A stop at Fustead Holsteins lead to an embryo contract with Nacash's dam, Fustead Rubicon Lavon-ET. Lavon was eventually set up for a flush and produced 5 embryos by Endco Superhero that were later shipped to Evoluation in December of 2016. Evoluation implanted the embryos and Nacash was born in December of 2017.

Congratulations to Evoluation Genetics and thank you for trusting AMS Genetics for your genetic sourcing and shipment needs!

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Top 25 GTPI Proven Bulls
December 3, 2020

 29HO18225 Pine-Tree BURLEY takes the top spot on the list of GTPI proven bulls with +2892GTPI just beating out 14HO07770 AOT Silver HELIX in the No. 2 spot with +2884GTPI. 

Top 5:

1. Pine-Tree Burley +2892G

2. AOT Silver Helix +2884G

3. Welcome Silver Griff +2865G

4. ABS Achiever +2839G

5. S-S-I Josuper Rocketfire +2834G


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Top 25 GTPI Young Bulls (with NAAB code)
December 1, 2020

RMD-Dotterer SSI GAMEDAY tops the list of Top Ranking GTPI Young Genomic Bulls with a score of +3081 GTPI. Rounding out the top 5 are:

2. Denovo 16429 HERCULES +3066G

3. Pine-Tree GARDNER +3065G

4. Genosource CAPTAIN +3052G

5. Genosource JACK +3047G


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Heroic Son tops list of GTPI Young Bulls
August 11, 2020

 Topping the list of GTPI young bulls (with NAAB code) is 29HO19555 Hercules with +3065 GTPI and +948 NM$. Hercules is a Heroic son with ABS Global. Following 5 points behind with +3060 GTPI is 7HO15167 Gameday. Rounding out the top 5 are:

3. Winstar MENDEL P +3060 GTPI

4. Pine-Tree GARDNER +3041 GTPI

5. Genosource CAPTAIN +3036 GTPI