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Proof Updates from AI Total US
April 8, 2021

 The April 2021 sire summary again delivers exciting results for AI Total US with some of our strongest bulls yet. Our staple bulls, Sandy-Valley MOON, Aurora MITCHELL and DG PAUL not only maintained their numbers but added to their impressive indexes. AiDol favorites, Siemers HAPPEN and Siemers HAVE IT ALL have made quite the splash in the April index. This proves that the selection criteria set by AI Total US succeeds in bringing you the most reliable genetics needed in today’s dairy economy.

Increasing again and now with daughters is Aurora MITCHELL, who has become a breeder favorite around the world. His first daughters have added to his proof, increasing both his GTPI (+2824) and PTAT (+2.43). MITCHELL combines tremendous type, a positive DPR of +1.0, and solid production traits (milk +1079, +0.08% Fat, +0.04% Protein). As his daughters begin to calve in, they put together amazing udders and outstanding type to create eye-catching individuals. A rock-solid outcross bull, MITCHELL is proving that he can add tremendous daughters to your herd today.

Another exciting bull that is making moves in the April index run is Sandy-Valley MOON. MOON is the ONLY available bull with >2900 GTPI, >1500 milk, >.65 teat length, and >0.5 DPR. His GTPI jumped all the way to +2911, with an increase in components (+0.08% Fat, +0.06% Protein) and NM$ value of +719. If you look at the key traits, he becomes even more attractive paying special attention to udder composites (+1.32 UDC) with +2.14 for rear udder height, +1.05 for fore udder attachment and +2.14 for rear udder height. Not to mention an impressive milk maker with over +1500 lbs of milk.  Backed by the Monica Planeta line of Rudy Missys, MOON can be a valuable asset to your herd. He is available now in both conventional and sexed.


From the AiDol program are Siemers HAPPEN and Siemers HAVE IT ALL. HAPPEN is still our TYPE leader with +3.71 PTAT and +2739 GTPI. Not only does HAPPEN have the outstanding type, but is built from excellent udders with +3.08 UDC, +4.58 rear udder width, +4.46 rear udder height, and +4.10 fore udder attachment. HAVE IT ALL is right there with his full brother HAPPEN, combining HIGH GTPI of +2841 and a +3.46 PTAT. Their dam, Siemers Doc Hanker 28653, recently maxed out her score at EX-92-3YR-USA. Their pedigrees get even more impressive as their grandam is scored EX-91 and great grandam, Hanker, is at an impressive EX-94. A bloodline you know will create those ELITE animals for your herd. 

A bull that refuses to be unknown is DG PAUL. A Charl son, PAUL jumped over 100 points and now sits at one of the highest index values at +2906 GTPI, with nearly +1600 lbs of milk, positive components, and a +1.0 DPR. An A2A2 bull, PAUL combines low calving ease (+1.8 SCE) with solid health traits. PAUL checks all the boxes for the commercial dairy farmer, as he sires medium-sized cows with plenty of strength, high production and super healthy cows who are easy to breed back. Making him not only a well-rounded, but a smart addition to your herd.

If you need any more information or want to add any of the AI Total US bulls to your lineup do not hesitate to contact Steve Mower at +1 240-520-5906 or email

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Charl Tops TPI Proven Bull List
April 6, 2021

 Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL tops the list of high ranking GTPI Proven Bulls during the April 2021 Proof Run. Charl is a DG CHARLEY son and scores +3050GTPI. Rounding out the top 5 bulls are:

2. Pine-Tree BURLEY +2884G


4. Progenesis MARIUS +2848G

5. AOT Silver HELIX +2845G

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Mikayla Erf Joins AMS Genetics Team
March 3, 2021

AMS Genetics is excited to announce the addition of Mikayla Erf in the role of Administrative Assistant. Mikayla is a Senior at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls studying Dairy Science and will be assisting with logistics, export, and administrative duties.

Welcome, Mikayla!

Upcoming Shipments. Contact Us Today!
February 24, 2021

We have several upcoming shipments during the month of March to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and several other locations in the EU. Contact us today and rely on AMS Genetics to get your embryos shipped quickly and carefully to their final destination. Check out our shipment dates below!


North Ireland - Leaving the 2nd week of March.

Switzerland - Leaving the 3rd week of March.

United Kingdom, Netherlands & Other EU Locations - Leaving the 4th week of March.