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Changes in Fertility Evaluations - August 2019
August 12, 2019

Recently the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) released an update regarding the changes in fertility evaluations for the upcoming August proofs. The goal of the changes is to improve the stability of the fertility evaluations. The results of these stability updates will result in a one time drop in the values of the fertility traits, but a more accurate and stable proof in the future. For the full CDCB press release please CLICK HERE

Looking for Embryos!
August 1, 2019

 For an international client AMS Genetics/Holstein Plaza is currently looking for Red Embryos or Red Donors that could be flushed in the next couple of months.



  • Completed or projected lactation with at least: 25,000 lbM 4.2%Fat and 3.1% Protein
  • Free of any haplotypes
  • Donors with decent indexes are preferred (GTPI>2100)
  • Donor needs to be R&W
  • Deep pedigrees (preferable no daughters of the sire Aikman or granddaughters through the sire of Aikman)
  • Scored GP-83 or better
  • In case embryos already produced: regular ET Embryos made with conventional semen
  • In case donor still needs to be flushed, embryos would have to be produced before 31-10-2019
  • Embryos have to qualify for export


We are also looking for already produced exportable embryos from black and white donors and sires made with conventional semen (regular ET embryos) also from cows with similar production criteria (preferably not sired by Mogul, Supersire or their sons). Ideally the donors would also score over +2200 GTPI.


If you have any embryos in inventory or R&W donors that could be flushed in the mentioned time-frame please send their name, registration number and pedigree to

Upcoming Shipments
June 17, 2019

We are in the process of gathering embryos for our next shipments to the United Kingdom, North Ireland, and Ireland. We anticipate shipping to these countries within the next month. If you or someone you know have any embryos to go to one or more of these countries, send embryo information to Steve Mower at 

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Transitions at AMS Genetics
May 21, 2019

AMS Genetics International and Holstein Plaza are excited to announce Megan Schulte will be transitioning from her position as the Logistics and Export Coordinator for AMS, into a new role with Sales and Member Relations for Holstein Plaza. Schulte is taking over the Holstein Plaza duties from current Program Manager, Jennifer Dingbaum. LEARN MORE