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Transitions at AMS Genetics
May 21, 2019

AMS Genetics International and Holstein Plaza are excited to announce Megan Schulte will be transitioning from her position as the Logistics and Export Coordinator for AMS, into a new role with Sales and Member Relations for Holstein Plaza. Schulte is taking over the Holstein Plaza duties from current Program Manager, Jennifer Dingbaum. LEARN MORE

AMS is looking for SEXED embryos!
May 18, 2019

AMS Genetics is looking for already produced SEXED embryos that meet the following demands:

  • Embryos MUST qualify for export and be from a conventional flush (not IVF).
  • Semen used must be SEXED.
  • Embryos from heifers must be backed by at least two dams that are EX-90 (or greater) with +29,000lbs of Milk and 3.8% Fat.
  • Embryos from cows must come from a animal with the same qualities, however she can be considered the first dam.

If you have embryos that might qualify, please submit a pedigree of the donor, sire of the embryos, and the number of embryos available. Information can be submitted to Steve Mower (

Order your NACASH semen now!
April 30, 2019

AMS Genetics is bringing in a shipment of 180HO93020 NACASH (Superhero x Rubicon) from France to the US. NACASH is one of the highest GTPI bulls available with unrestricted conventional semen.

  • Haplotype-Free
  • Beta Casein A2A2
  • Kappa Casein BB
  • High components (+.23% Fat & +.10% Protein)
  • Great health traits (+6.1 PL, 2.63 SCS and +3.2 DPR)
  • +0.96 Rear Leg Side View
  • +0.25 Teat Length
  • Sire of sons in several systems

If you are interested in NACASH semen or have any questions please contact us today. 

AMS is looking for Sexed Embryos!
February 28, 2019

AMS Genetics is currently looking for exportable conventional ET embryos  that meet the following demands:

  • Qualified service sires (SEXED) include: Dante, Modesty, Jedi, altaHotrod, Duke, Montross, Yoder, Pat-Red, Kingboy, Mayflower, Reflector, Brewmaster, Hangtime, Rager-Red, Epic, Profit, Lautrust, Bombero, Brekem, Capital Gain, Doorman.
  • Both Index as well as embryos show & high scoring pedigrees.
  • Full pedigrees.
  • If you have SEXED exportable conventional ET embryos but the service sire wasn't on the list. Please don't hesitate to let us know. 

Embryos must have been produced already and qualify for export. If you have embryos available that meet these requirements please do not hesitate and contact Steve Mower ( or Hendrik Albada (